Building Schools for the Future: Darwen Vale

Bespoke Complete Services were the chosen manufacturer to supply the doors and doorsets as part of the Building Schools for the Future scheme. The contractor Balfour Beatty is well known and with the project being the refurbishment and new build of Darwen Vale, Darwen they chose local produce for the local community.

For those who do not know the Building Schools for the Future programme or scheme was an idea brought in by Labour Government. Their plan was to cost around �55bn and would involve rebuilding every single secondary school in England.

The grand plan was announced in 2004 by Tony Blair and it was about inspiring children to want to learn. They wanted to initiate a change in the education system through providing inspirational buildings making them feel valued and worthwhile.

Kitting these schools out with the latest technologies and items suitable to bring the schools into the 21st century it would involve state of the art computer suits and would completely change the traditional idea of a school.

Ideas such as wi-fi hubs where children could learn rather than sitting in rows of desks were brought up and plans were made. Now some of the schools are being rebuilt and refurbished as part of this scheme and Bespoke Complete Services are lucky to be involved.

In total over 250 doorsets with various applications including NFR, FD30, FD60 and even some acoustic doorsets up to 35db were required. The doorsets are going to be manufactured with a Formica high pressure laminate face; in addition they will be hardwood lipped on all four edges.

All these doors are going to be pre-hung in the factory and some of them will feature vision panels which will also be inserted within our factory. These vision panels will then be glazed with a range of clear glass which will meet the ever demanding fire and acoustic performance criteria.

Bespoke Complete Services offered Balfour Beatty something a little bit extra. As these doors were being supplied to a school it was obvious that they would be susceptible to much wear and tear. With this in mind we actually supplied the doors fitted with door edge protectors to help keep them in better condition for longer.

If you have a large scale project or are involved with the Building Schools for the Future scheme and you require doors and doorsets in various applications then you need to come to Bespoke Complete Services. We are hoping to be involved in a lot more of the Building Schools for the Future schemes.

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Veneered Fire Doors For Lancashire Hotel Holiday Homes

Recently Bespoke Complete Services were contacted by a hotel which required five fire doors following an accidental fire which spead causing damage to five of their holiday homes. The fire which broke out after a hotel guest threw a lit cigarette into a waste paper bin and then went out without realising left five of the hotel holiday homes damaged.

As part of the refurbishment of these five holiday homes there was a requirement for five fire doors which would be used for the main entrance to the rooms and then a further five veneered doors for use inside the rooms which separated the sleeping area and lounges from the bathroom. The entrance doors were chosen in White Oak and a stained glass panel added.

Originally the hotel based in Lancashire had hired another door manufacturer but they had a problem with getting the door servicing complete in the time scale which was required as they didn’t do this in house they had to send the doors to other companies for various other features to be applied such as vision panels, ironmongery preparation and other requirements.

Every part of the door manufacturing process with Bespoke Complete Services is carried out in our factory and we do not have to send our doors away for servicing or any other processes. This means that we are able to offer a number of doors for your project on time so your project is not delayed. These doors needed ironmongery preparation for items such as door numbers, handles and locks and this was done easily by one of our highly skilled joiners.

If you have a requirement for doors in a hurry; maybe you have been let down and your contract is in jeopardy? If this is you then contact Bespoke Complete Services. Our doors when finished simply speak for themselves.

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Doors and Doorsets do not just blend!

Doors! To many people doors are just something which blends into our everyday lives. However, many people actually underestimate their extreme importance; they enhance the overall aesthetics and also provide some really great functional features.

Doors provide access into buildings and rooms whilst acting as a form of security and privacy. In some cases some doors can even provide insulation so that noise from one room is prevented from entering another room. These can be in the form of acoustic doors, we currently supply a number of acoustic doors which meet a number of acoustic doorset and fire performance tests.

They incorporate the latest acoustic seal and construction techniques as well as ensuring a high level of noise is actually reduced. Whilst coping with all this they also have been made to resist fire, mechanical strength and durability and smoke containment.

As well as providing noise insulation doors actually act sometimes as a form of fire separation between various sections of buildings biding more time for anyone inside to escape in the unfortunate event of a fire.

As well as providing a number of functional features doors and doorsets also enhance the aesthetics of a building adding style. Thermal insulation is something which is important; doors help to provide thermal insulation from both the exterior as well as interior between rooms.

Doors which incorporate vision panels can act to allow light to enter into a hallway or room similar to a window. Our door servicing can be carried out in our factory saving any hassle on site. Items such as vision panels can be easily made a feature of a door through our vision panel service.

Doors and doorsets can be fitted with certain ironmongery such as hinges, handles, locks and others which can also help to make the door look visually more pleasing to the eye.

Bespoke Complete Services have a full range of doors and doorsets, our on time solutions means that if you have a requirement for a number of doors we can have them delivered direct to you on site.

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Doors and Doorsets for Large Projects

Bespoke Complete Services Ltd is looking to supply any large scale projects with large volumes of doors and doorsets. As a contractor or interior designer you will know how important it is to keep your project running on time. It is annoying when a supplier lets you down; BCS have a full range of doors and doorsets which can be manufactured to meet your specific timescale.

Doors and doorsets are an extremely important feature of any house, building or office. They play a significant role within the overall presentation of the house. As an interior designer or contractor you will know the sheer importance of doors and doorsets but choosing which one is right can often be difficult.

We have a full range of doors and doorsets available to you at Bespoke Complete Services. All of our doors and doorsets are manufactured in our very own factory and should you wish they can be supplied with a range of features because of our door servicing.

Whether it is ironmongery preparation, vision panels which need inserting, Glazing beads and much much more we can do this for you so that the door can be supplied fully serviced for immediate fitting.

We have professional expertise within this industry and so by sitting down with you and discussing your project we can easily work out which will be the best doorsets or door. Our doors are available in a number of finishes and so the hardest part will be choosing which one you want!


Bespoke Complete Services understand that sometimes a non-standard sized door is required. This is no problem, simply provide the measurements for the door and we can have them made at ease.

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Maintaining Fire Doors and Fire Doorsets

Fire doors and fire doorsets regularly save lives in the event of a fire. Not only do they save lives but they also protect property from fire damage too. It is a regulation that in public buildings such as hospitals, schools, offices and various others that fire doors and fire doorsets are in place.

It is all well and good having one in place but if the door has not been regularly inspected and maintained then the life saving properties and features which it has may not perform how they should on the one and only occasion when you need it most  when there is a fire and you need those extra vital minutes of breathing time in order to escape!

Ideally in a building such as a hospital or school where the fire doors will be used on a daily basis it is important that the doors are checked at least once a week.

What do you check for when inspecting a fire door or fire doorset?

You should always check that there is nothing in place which is obstructing the door, this could be a foreign body or object which has simply got in the way and is preventing the door from closing or opening. If there is anything then you should remove it immediately so that the door can be opened fully or closed.

Next you should check the seals, intrumescent seals are put in place to effectively respond to certain high temperatures and thus to expand closing the gap and preventing smoke, fire and any fumes from entering. Ensure that the seals are properly fitted and that there is no damage to them, if there is then you should see to this instantly, it could save your life. You should check seals at intervals no greater than 6 months.

Mechanical items such as hinges, locks, latches, closer, floor springs and other ironmongery items will wear over time. You should replace these or lubricate these to ensure they work correctly. If door hardwear is worn then you should find products of the same specification as the original and replace.

Bespoke Complete Services have a door servicing service where these items can be attached for you.

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Trafford’s Woodhey’s Primary School

We were approached by Woodhey Primary School which is based in Sale, Trafford as they had a requirement for a number of doorsets. A total of forty three doors were actually required and these were in the American White Oak Veneer finish.

After visiting the site we were able to manufacture the doors, they were all pre-hung in the frames on class 13 s/s hinges. These were the doors which would be used to lead into the various classrooms and so they were 30db acoustic doorsets factory fitted IS8010 with automatic threshold seals.

Some of the doors were completed with number one factory glazed vision panels, these featured clear fire rated glass with matching hardwood cloaking beads. These had to conform to DDA Regulations, the Disability Discrimination Act states that any disabled person must not be discriminated against and therefore the doors needed to be easily accessible to this particular group of people.

After ensuring that the doors conformed to the DDA Regulations we further ensured that they were fully prepared for ironmongery attachments such as door handles, hinges, locks and latches. This was all done in our factory and therefore saved time and hassle onsite making the whole project that little bit smoother.

On completion the customer was extremely impressed with the results that were achieved, the doors were of our usual high standard and manufactured exactly to their specification.

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Steamed Beech Doors Supplied to Flagship Hospital

Bespoke Complete Services were approached by our Scotland Distributor, Fyfe & McGrouther in regards to one of his primary customers situated north of the Scottish Border. The project involved the Golden Jubilee Hospital which is based in Clydebank, near to Glasgow.


This is one of Scotland’s flagship hospitals; this is because they are committed to reducing the amount of time that people spend waiting. They receive referrals from all over the country due to their specialist services that they provide.

We were extremely excited to be asked to supply just over 40 doorsets, pre-hung and fully finished Steamed Beech veneered doors in fully finished matching hardwood frames complete with complimentary architraves.

Further to this all of the doors were factory glazed in compliance with DDA standards and manufactured to HTM58 regulations. The project consisted of a range of products including NFR, FD30 & FD60 doorset configurations all fully factory prepped to accept our client’s ironmongery requirements which were then fitted at site.

Bespoke Complete Services also supplied a number of fully finished, matching steamed beech screens. Once again these were factory glazed as detailed in the images.

This wa a particularly challenging project as the lead time from order date to delivery date was just 3 weeks. However, due to our professionalism and hard working team the project was completed to the highest standards and on time!

If you are a hospital, school, business or any other person who has a requirement for a large number of doors within a short space of time then look no further then Bespoke Complete Services.

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Veneered Doors Mark the Entrance

When constructing a building which may be used as school, hospital, shop, offices as well as a wide range of other applications it is important for a contractor or construction company to think about what type of doors they are going to use.

This is often dependent upon a number of things, for example in the majority of commercial buildings the doors would need to be specialist performance doors which comply to health and safety concerning fire safety and so a FD30 or FD60 fire door may be the right choice.

But is it really just a door?

Doors mark the entrance into another room or the transition from one place into another. A well designed door which has been professionally finished off with the correct ironmongery fittings can really stand out making the building look clean and smart.

Bespoke Complete Services can be your main supplier for virtually any construction project; some of our veneered doors are even available on express delivery.

Maybe you have been let down by another door supplier and now with time ticking your contract has been put in jeopardy?

Whatever the reason we can work with you directly and in most cases we can deliver your doors direct to the project within 48 hours. Our vehicles are on standby readily waiting for your order.

Bespoke Complete Services currently manufacture a number of doors and doorsets which we then supply to schools, healthcare projects, residential and commercial projects to main contactors as well as various construction companies, shop fitters and sub contractors throughout the whole of the UK.

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Reddish North Primary School & Children’s centre

A slightly larger project than the other schools that we have manufactured and supplied, Reddish North Primary School and Children’s centre needed a total of 135 Steamed Beech veneered doorsets.

These were all pre-hung in their frames on class 13 s/s hinges, further to this they were 30db acoustic doorsets which were factory fitted in accordance to IS8010 with automatic threshold seals factory fitted.

Within the specification there was a requirement for some of the doors to be fitted with glazed vision panels. Two vision panels were inserted in the door in accordance to DDA standards.

Within the 135 doors there was a range of various applications inclusive of Non Fire rated, FD30 rated and FD60 rated fire doors as well as the acoustic doorsets which have been mentioned above.

The doors which would lead into the classrooms needed to be acoustic doorsets and these were manufactured up to 30db

After ensuring that the doors conformed to the DDA regulations and matched the specification from the customer we pre-prepared the doors for ironmongery. Various preperations were made for latches, locks & flush bolts.

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Doors Fit For a King!

Well not literally for the King himself, but Christ the King School which is based in Macclesfield had a requirement for a mixture of solid timber core and solid particleboard doors to be put in place and Bespoke Complete Services were the chosen suppliers.

These were chosen from our Bespoke e-wood range which are fully finished, high quality veneered doorsets. The doors chosen were steamed beech veneer L4E and were fully concealed by the face veneer, pre hung in 32mm frames to varying applications.

The applications ranged from NFR to FD30 and FD60 rated as well as many acoustic doorsets in 32rw db and 35rw db. The majority of the doors needed to have vision panels inserted, factory glazed vision panels which were circular in shape were chosen.

The vision panels were supplied glazed with a mixture of clear and sandblasted FR glass and had matching, fully finished solid beech glazing rings, as depicted in the images. All of the doorsets were prepared so that they were ready to accept a range of ironmongery products seen in the imagery. All non-protruding ironmongery was fitted at the factory in order to alleviate costly and time consuming site work.

This overall made it more convenient for the contractors; this particular type of doorset is an ideal solution for demanding environments so its placement within a school was only natural. Having passed the industries rigorous fire, acoustic and mechanical test standards the door received the highest form of endorsement a product can receive, third party certification.

For more information about this door or for any other queries then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01254 777142 or email