Bespoke Doorsets Supplied to Pets Choice

The historic Pets Choice company, established for more than 130 years and successfully trading to this day, have recently modernised one of their massive manufacturing facilities. Located right here in Blackburn, the Pets Choice manufacturing plant chose to source the office doorsets for the refurbishment from Bespoke Complete Services, basing their decision on our impressive reputation, track record, qualifications and recommendations.

Pets Choice were established as a pet food supplier back in 1881 and now produce many well-known brands of dog and cat food such as Goodwyn’s and Webbox as well as a bespoke collection of goods on private label. The company commits to ensuring the highest levels of health, safety and quality for its staff and the recent refurbishment of the manufacturing facility is part of this dedication.

More than 100 pre-hung doorsets and factory-glazed screens were supplied to Pets Choice to facilitate their refurbishment. Naturally, the heights, widths and other aspects of these doors had variations to suit bespoke needs, though all were fabricated from black American walnut and were professionally finished with two coats of durable UV lacquer.

Some of the doors required integral vision panels which were supplied factory-glazed and ready to install. Secure and aesthetically-pleasing beads, also formed from American black walnut, were used for cloaking. The fire doors used in this extensive project, with ratings of FD60 & FD30, were given matching frames and screens.

The manufacturing facility is now once again fully-operational and our doorsets, which meet and/or exceed the requirements set out in all relevant quality specifications, are guaranteed to provide many years of low-maintenance service life.

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Veneered Doors – Our Bespoke Service

Choosing to add a veneer to a door offers many benefits, from extra durability and enhanced aesthetics to a lowered carbon footprint. Veneered doors are installed extensively across a wide range of locations, from hotels and function suites to hospitals, offices and schools. Bespoke Complete Services are expert manufacturers and suppliers of veneered doors and can quickly and easily create the ideal solution for any given project.

Our talented team combine the latest technology with traditional, tried-and-trusted crafting methods to create our selection of bespoke doors. Starting with our innovative solid particleboard core, which has been extensively tested to ensure it adheres strictly to every specification set out by the industry, our bespoke doors are created to your exact standards, including a full complement of glazing options. We then apply one of six professional crown-cut veneers; each of these veneers has an attractive finish that is semi-matt in appearance.

The environmentally-conscious properties of our veneered doors make them the ideal product for businesses wishing to source sustainable timber; combined with the veneers, which display remarkable carbon-storing qualities, this means that our bespoke doors are the greenest possible choice.

One of our most popular veneered doors is the Ewood, which can be supplied to any bespoke size or shape and is available with unglazed or glazed vision panels. We are proud to supply this door at an extremely competitive price and with a rapid lead time in order to ensure your project can continue unhindered.

Fire doors are a specialty at Bespoke Complete Services and these products are guaranteed to fully comply with the legal specifications of the fire door industry. Results data are listed below.

Acoustic Test Result – Up to 35db rated

Fire Test Result – FD60 and FD30 grades

Mechanical Test Result – 500,000 cycles with no evident degradation of ironmongery (PAS32)

Class 4 Severe Duty Rating, the highest standard (DD171/BS EN 1192)

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Fire Doors Safety Week – Ideas Requested for 2015 Event

September 2014 saw the launch of Fire Door Safety Week (FDSW), the first in a series of planned yearly events raising awareness of the importance of fire doors and their correct installation and maintenance. Declared a great success by all concerned, the event will take place again in September 2015 and, although this is some way off, the organisers are already looking for fresh ideas.

FDSW was created with the intention of engaging, educating and encouraging the owners of commercial and residential buildings to raise their awareness of the crucial role fire doors play in saving lives and property. The 2014 campaign was supported by nearly 100 various organisations including the official government ‘Fire Kills’ initiative, the ASFP (Association for Specialist Fire Protection) and the FBU (Fire Brigades Union).

Around 3 million new fire doors are installed each year in the United Kingdom, the majority being fabricated from timber. The laws surrounding the safe installation, use and maintenance of fire doors are very clear but the shocking results of a recent review detailing 100 cases of prosecution under the Fire Safety Order 2005 show that improperly-installed, defective, misused or neglected fire doors were the number 2 reason for those prosecutions.

Bespoke Complete Services specialise in providing fire doors of professional quality to a vast and diverse range of buildings, from educational establishments and hospitals to luxury hotels. An infinite array of design options allows for the ideal bespoke door to be created for any application, with the complete guarantee that it will meet and exceed the strict specifications in the ‘approved documents’ that constitute legally-binding building regulations.

You can find out more about FDSW 2014 and help shape next year’s event by visiting and you can tweet your ideas using #FireDoorSafetyWeek as well.

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Timber Frames – Completing Our Bespoke

As well as designing and manufacturing bespoke doors and doorsets, Bespoke Complete Services also supply a comprehensive selection of complementary door frames and timber screens to provide the perfect finish. These products are guaranteed to meet the same rigorous health, safety and quality specifications and, of course, the signature competitive BCS price.

Timber Screens

Timber screens have an immensely professional look, comprising large, door-sized sheets of glass or wood enclosed within supporting frames made from any type of timber. As with our bespoke doors, an infinite array of sizes and configurations can be supplied, all of which are created from scratch at our state-of-the-art premises. After being primed, stained and lacquered to your individual specifications, timber screens from BCS are delivered safely to site, where they can be quickly finished and installed.

The smart, professional look of our timber screens has seen them chosen for successful use in a variety of environments, including Edinburgh’s famous Caledonian Building and the Crewe Hall Hotel in Cheshire. For further details and a quick, competitive price quote, please contact our sales team.

Door Frames

Our bespoke doors need bespoke frames to ensure full safety and functionality and three types are supplied by BCS, each available in a full range of frame depths and wall thicknesses and finished with a 2mm radius. Choose from rebated frame sections (the most common choice), traditional lining (including a planted stop and with optional extension pieces for larger wall depths) and split-frame (with integral architraves and an unlimited wall thickness range).

Frame Profiles

Several types of frame profiles can be obtained from BCS, all with impressively short lead times. MDF frame profiles, free from any knots, twists and shakes, continue to be extremely popular thanks to their ease of use and high quality of finish. Supplied complete with factory-applied primer, the frames are ready to be installed and finished on-site and matching architraves can also be provided. The profiles are guaranteed to meet the same specification as the fire doors or acoustic doors they will support.

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Stepping Hill Hospital Set Opens New Catering Facility

Bespoke Complete services are currently in the process of supplying the doorsets being used in a brand new, state-of-the-art catering facility at a hospital in Stockport. Stepping Hill Hospital, which covers an area with a population of around 350,000 people, will benefit greatly from the new catering block, upon which work is quickly progressing.

Stepping Hill Hospital first opened its doors in 1905 and has been in constant growth and development since then; the hospital is rated highly on national scales for many of its department and also runs one of the biggest orthopaedic clinics in the UK. Stepping Hill was one of the first ten hospitals to be accredited with Foundation Trust status and now employs almost 6,000 staff across the various sectors. The maternity department, which saw the birth of the England (Under 21s) footballer Tom Ince, is one of the most highly-regarded in the country.

As such a large hospital with so many patients, Stepping Hill have decided to invest in the new catering block in order to provide a safer, more efficient and modernised catering facility. This involves choosing doorsets that are of impeccable quality, yet can still be obtained at a price to fit in with the strict budgeting conditions of the establishment. Bespoke Complete Services were the natural choice to provide these doorsets, our combination of high quality and low price being unmatched anywhere else.

Each door, pre-hung in a solid hardwood frame to facilitate installation,  is manufactured using our severe-duty rated core and is faced with an attractive HPL laminate finish to complement the PVC components. The frames are being supplied as a slit-frame/wraparound detail combination and have been completely encapsulated in high-impact 2 mm PVC.

As with all projects we are involved with, we have created bespoke doorsets that are absolutely suited to the job and have custom specifications; in this instance, as the doors are to be used in a hospital, we have worked directly with the Infection Control Team at Stockport NHS Trust to produce surfaces that are easily cleaned and designed to avoid the buildup of bacteria. The exceptionally-durable finish of the bespoke doors means that they will easily stand up to the regular, heavy cleaning they will be subjected to as part of standard hospital infection control regimes.

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Acoustic Doors – The Sound of Silence

Although the Greek-derived word acoustic means simply ‘audible’, the study of Acoustic Science takes into account every sound wave, including those which are inaudible to humans such as ultrasound. The science also concerns itself with vibration, applying acoustic principles to solid materials in order to create products such as sound-reducing and totally soundproof doors.

Acoustic doors are used in a diverse and extensive array of environments where the effective control of sound is necessary. These environments range from offices, where ambient noise from other workers and office machinery etc. can lower productivity and interrupt important meetings to schools, colleges and universities, where professional acoustic doorsets will allow students the quiet they need in order to study effectively. Acoustic doors are also often used in areas of shared accommodation to add privacy, in establishments such as hotels, schools and hospitals or other medical facilities.

Certain environments require absolute silence to function correctly; places such as operating theatres, courtrooms, recording studios and academic examination rooms – installing totally soundproof acoustic doorsets is necessary in such cases.

Bespoke Complete Services specialise in providing state-of-the-art professional acoustic doors and doorsets for all of these environments and more. Utilising advanced, optimised manufacturing techniques to process materials of the highest quality, we create doorsets featuring powerful and innovative acoustic seals, offering many years of low-maintenance strength, style usability and durability. As well as guaranteeing the stated level of acoustic protection, our environmentally-friendly solid particleboard or tri-laminate hardwood timber cores at the heart of our acoustic doors also display high fire resistance and smoke-containment qualities.

Our acoustic doors, as with our entire range of professional doorsets, offer total versatility when it comes to constructional and aesthetic choices – check out our selection of high-grade laminates, paint grades and veneers.

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Fire Doors for Schools and Colleges – Safety and Durability

By providing a strong, durable and effective barrier against fire and maximising the possible amount of evacuation time, fire doors have saved countless lives and are now required by law in public buildings and workplaces. As schools, colleges and workplaces gear up to close for the summer holidays, many of these establishments will be undergoing installation or replacement of a fire-door system and Bespoke Complete Services remain one of the best possible providers of pre-assembled, certified fire doorsets.

‘Approved documents’ contain legal building requirements and designate the building with a numerical fire-resistance level that takes into account a variety of factors including acoustics, ventilation, accessibility and ventilation. The part of the regulations relating to fire doors state that any doorset designed for for-resistance must be tested to ensure its compatibility with the strict specifications of British Standard tests to ensure their safety and efficiency.

The Bespoke Complete Services selection of ready-assembled fire doorsets have been used on thousands of projects around the UK, negating the traditional need to order the many components needed to create quality leaves and frames. Fabricated exactly to bespoke specifications, the doorsets represent excellent cost-effectiveness for on-site door and frame installation.

Each door centres on a fire-rated core of solid timber or particleboard, covered with solid lippings. Onto this core, a wide choice of finishes can be applied from paint and veneers to laminate. Created sustainably to offer a high level of environmental care, our doorsets have received third-party certification, the highest form of endorsement. When used in close conjunction with appropriate sealing and frames, they also offer excellent acoustic properties, perfect for a learning environment.

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Bespoke Doors – Facilitating Regeneration

A brand new, high-specification apartment block in Manchester has been supplied with a range of customised doorsets by Bespoke Complete Solutions. Nuovo Apartments, located in Ancoats, forms part of a large regeneration scheme in the area and, when fully completed, will boast 166 new residences, of which 40 will be dedicated Affordable Homes. The ground floor of the building will be used for commercial development.

Ancoats takes its name from the Old English ana cots, meaning ‘lonely cottages’. Located just outside the city centre, Ancoats suffered economic decline for many years until its heritage became more widely recognised and the area began to see a sharp rise in investment. Now a desirable place to live and work, Ancoats continues to grow in importance with the development of Nuovo Apartments, which comprises a 13-storey tower accompanied by two smaller blocks.

The main contractor on the Nuovo Apartments project is Sir Robert McAlpine, a leading civil engineering company in the UK with over 140 years of experience. With a diverse and impressive project portfolio, ranging from the Olympic Stadium to the Eden Project, Sir Robert McAlpine insist on materials of impeccable, superlative quality in their work in order to maintain their unmatched reputation.

Sir Robert McAlpine chose Bespoke Comple Services to provide all of the external entrance doors and frames, manufactured in solid Iroko to specific requirements, based on our own impressive reputation for supplying quality products manufactured with close attention to detail, a critical factor on such an important and complex project.

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TK Maxx Refurbishments – BCS Doorsets Supplied

Bespoke Complete Services are working in close partnership with Suffolk-based building contractor Albany Interiors to supply a range of doors to several new TK Maxx stores. The latest delivery of successfully-completed doorsets, to TK Maxx in Hull, marks the second of five stores we will be supplying doors to; plans are currently being made to manufacture further doorsets for 16 more stores around the UK during 2014.

TK Maxx is the European trading name for the American store chain TJ Maxx that was founded in 1976, and was renamed to avoid it being confused with Europe-wide retailer TJ Hughes, with which TJ Maxx have no affiliation. Within Europe, TK Maxx have more than 300 stores and, as well as selling the clothing they are most well-known for, also supply a wide range of furniture, toys and beauty accessories. The company participate in a wide range of charity work, most notably being the only retailer chosen to stock Red Nose Day t-shirts for Comic Relief.

All of the doorsets supplied to TK Maxx feature our severe-duty rated solid timber cores and are faced with primed, heavy-duty foil wrap. Each door will sit perfectly in a solid rebated timber frame which, factory-primed, is of a 45mm section with varying wall depths. The doors to be used in the store area have been faced with high-pressure laminate which, in contrasting colours of cream and brown, will offer a pleasing aesthetic to customers. In areas where there is potential for damage, such as busy stockrooms, the doors have been fitted with the pvc edge-guards often used in hospital doorsets to provide added protection from bumps and bangs from transportation trolleys.

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The Royal Preston Hospital – New Doorsets Ready to be Delivered

The Bespoke Complete Services team has been working hard to complete the manufacture of several doorsets to be used within a new unit at the Royal Preston Hospital. All of the doors are now completed and are ready delivered to the site, where they will be expertly and professionally installed by specialist building contractor DG Builders.

The Royal Preston Hospital is itself a relatively new site which was designed to bring together the city’s somewhat disparate array of medical services. Many of the units were transferred from Sharoe Green Hospital with the last service, Neurology Rehabilitation, relocating to the Preston site in late 2013. Royal Preston Hospital now comprises a vast and comprehensive array of state-of-the-art services and technologies including dedicated oncology and dialysis clinics, a selection of modern scanners and a world-leading maternity unit. The new unit, in remembrance of Royal Preston Hospital’s predecessor, is named Sharoe Green.

More than 30 pre-hung (on class 13 s/s hinges) doors were supplied to this extensive project. Each was built to impeccable standards with our severe-duty solid particleboard core, faced with quality American ask veneer and finished with a double coat of protective UV lacquer to offer unmatched resistance to damage. To increase safety for staff and patients, the doors were further coated with an anti-microbial finish of professional healthcare standard.

Vision panels were included in the doors and these were glazed using Pyroshield FR30-rated wired glass, laminated for extra strength and ease-of-maintenance. The panels were beaded, with matching hardwood cloaking beads, using our innovative flush-bead system that prevents damage to the doors and offers an extended service life.

As a publicly-funded body, Royal Preston Hospital sought to balance the need for superlative quality with a restricted budgetary allowance. We were proud to offer the best, most-competitive rate for our quality doorsets and delivery to the site was included in our final attractive quote.

We look forward to receiving updates as the installation of our doorsets at the Royal Preston Hospital progresses – please check back soon or subscribe to our newsletter in order to keep up-to-date with all the latest news and info from Bespoke Complete Services.

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