Fire Doors Save Care Home Residents

The importance of fire doors is once again made clear with this incident, which could have turned out very differently had they not been installed or had been illegally held open.

The cause of the fire, which began in a tumble dryer at Summerlands Care Home at around 11pm, is now under investigation.

Summerlands Care Home caters to several vulnerable adults, most of whom were able to evacuate the building without assistance. Several adults were rescued by the attending fire crews and two were taken to hospital for treatment due to smoke inhalation.

Jason Boh, who was in his role as Watch Manager of Southsea Fire Station when the fire occurred, said: the incident could have been a lot worse if the fire doors at either end of the corridor leading up to the laundry room had not been firmly secured. He noted that the fire doors had done their job and kept smoke and flames contained within a small area. If they had been open, he added, it could have been much more severe and we could have been looking at fatalities.

The laundry room and corridor were both badly damaged by fire and smoke though, apart from the two cases of mild smoke inhalation, no one was injured. Residents were accommodated in another nearby care home while the blaze was dealt with and fire crews departed at 1:30AM, giving the all clear for residents to be brought back to the building. Elysia Fung, the Deputy Manager at Summerlands Care Home, praised the efforts of emergency staff, saying: We are hugely appreciative of the efforts and help given to us by the fire service and the ambulance service.

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Bespoke Fire Doors – Dos and Don’ts

Over 3m fire doors, most fabricated from timber, re installed in the UK every year and fire doorsets from BCS are tested to ensure they meet all of the strict safety and quality standards set out by the industry.

Here are some essential dos and don’ts to think about when installing vital fire doors.

DO choose to work with a certified, experienced supplier for fire doors along with frames, ironmongery and other components. BCS have a long history of achievement and utilise materials and processes of the highest standard to ensure our fire doors are unmatched in quality.

DON’T treat a fire door like an ordinary door – it isn’t. Fire doors are expertly-engineered lifesaving devices and require extreme accuracy to maintain consistent quality levels.

DO check the fire door safety certificate. Make sure all of the information is correct and clearly visible.

DON’T cut vision panels on site. Pre-hung fire doorsets from BCS can be supplied with glazed vision panels cut to any size and shape and secured using our innovative flush beading system.

DO ensure the correct certification is chosen for the door’s intended use. We produce fire doors with ratings of between FD30 and FD120.

DON’T make on site repairs. If a fire door is damaged it should not be simply patched up as its FD rating has become compromised. Never take risks in this way.

DO make sure that all fire door ironmongery is CE marked for quality.

DON’T wedge or prop open fire doors. A survey among fire-risk assessors found that 65% of premises they inspected had wedged-open fire doors – this is an illegal, dangerous practice.

DO take advantage of extra options to create the bespoke fire door. We offer a massive range of paint grade finishes to create veneered doors that can be given extra protective components for high frequency use.

DON’T become a statistic. In a recent review that looked at 100 cases pursued under the Fire Safety Order, inadequate fire doors were the second-highest reason for prosecutions.

Call Bespoke Complete Services today and let us propose the ideal fire door solution.