Veneered Doors Feature in Award Winning Development

A popular choice within many homes, veneered doorsets when manufactured professionally are extremely high in quality and can have a number of desired finishes applied to them.

They are perfect for any private, public or commercial development and their potential was obviously realised by an award winning house builder who is just about to unveil a small and extremely select development at Tonbridge, Kent.

It will not be till late on in the year when the development will be made available but it is made if of six houses in total some are four bedroom and some are five. Most contain a double garage and are of a reasonably large size however, what is interesting is that all contain a number of veneered doors throughout.

These were oak finish veneered doors which were used internally and provided the perfect transition from room to room. Our e-Wood crown cut veneered doors in white oak are an extremely popular choice for many.

You can get your standard sized veneered doors direct from Bespoke Complete Services stock; they are available in two applications either FD 30 or FD 60. Alternatively for those who require a non standard size veneered doors then we can make a number of differently sized veneered doors for you.

This particular housing development chose to use veneered doors in oak finish however we have a full range of finishes available on Bespoke Complete Services Veneered Doors:

  • American Ash
  • American Black Walnut
  • American Cherry
  • American White Oak
  • Canadian Maple
  • Steamed Beech

The Maple Wood Grange Housing Development as it has been named is positioned just 45 minutes from the centre of London. There has been a lot of construction and building going on within London and if you have a project which requires a number of doorsets whether they are standard size or bespoke then make sure you get in contact with us.

For more information regarding our on time solutions for your project requiring a number of doorsets then please contact us on 01254 777142 or email

Nevermind Winter Blues We Are Going Green

Bespoke Complete Services have been doing their bit, in an energy conscious society people are always looking for ways in which certain industries can operate more efficiently and do their bit for the environment.

We supply value added, complete doorsets and door services to our customers and through this manufacturing and fitting process we are doing our bit to keep as green as possible. Behind the raw wood, the doors and the door frames there is a heart; Bespoke Complete Services care about where we source our wood from and we have been working extremely hard to secure FSC status.


Through illegal logging many forests throughout the world plunge into crisis, not only is some logging illegal but it actually causes changes to our ecosystem which we rely on every single day just too survive.

It is us humans who create the demand for wood in a number of industries. There is a right way to source this wood and a wrong way; in everything we do Bespoke Complete Services want to go about it the right way.

As a door manufacturer we recognise our responsibility within this industry as we heavily rely on our supply of wood. Due to our recognition of the damage which we could potentially cause we always ensure that the timber we source is from legal and well maintained forests.

There are many people within the industry who claim to be environmentally friendly and in fact they are not. Some companies will choose to cut costs and select wood from illegal sources. You can rest assured we are not one of these companies but we do not expect you to just take our word for it. We can provide you with evidence and documents which prove our suppliers are compliant and are operating in accordance with the laws of their country.

Bespoke Complete Services condemns illegal logging practices and are very much aware of any changes within international legislation regarding the source of timber.

Timber is the most environmentally friendly construction material and within our factory we actually have an energy efficient wood burning boiler and heating system where we effectively burn any waste wood and this then works to provide heat to the factory floor.

We are self sufficient and have reduced gas fuel requirement for our offices and factory by a massive 70% so you can rest assured that if the environment is something that concerns you there are still companies out there who care too!

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Doorsets Supplied to Darwen Vale High School

Bespoke are pleased to announce that our first batch of doorsets are now being produced for the brand new and fully re-furbished Darwen Vale High School.

The project consists of circa 325 door leaves in total all manufactured here in the local community with Darwen people at the hub of the manufacturing facility. Our doors which are being manufactured carry a severe duty rating ensuring a quality product with great sustainability in respect of life expectancy and usage.

All of the doors are being produced with a laminate face providing a very robust and fit for purpose product in two colours to fit with the current surroundings in order to retain parts of the existing building.

The laminates used are a Glacier white and Graphite grey along with some special manufactured polished birch veneer, in keeping with the present schemes.

On completion the doorsets will be delivered to site and installed over the next 4 months with the school due to open officially in Summer 2012.

This will be an exciting opening and a chance to see all the hard work come together and create a purpose built, inspiring building for learning and education.

Due to this project being a school it was necessary to provide FD30 and F60 protection throughout the building and also in some areas.

In addition to the fire doors they also needed acoustic doors. It was these doors that needed performance up to and including 35db.

For more information concerning doors and doorsets for large projects then please contact Bespoke Complete Services on 01254 777142 or email

Going Round in Circles, Circular Screens

Bespoke Complete Services have recently completed a project in Blackburn which required a number of circular screens to be fitted. Although at times it felt like we were going round in circles when fitting them, the job is now complete!

These screens are available in two options:

  • Softwood
  • Hardwood

In this case the hardwood was chosen; the screens were used within a rehabilitation centre to create little hubs. These were various rooms which were going to be used for different purposes and activities to aid the rehabilitation of those who heavily relied upon this service.

We watched as the rehabilitation centre circular screens were fitted and ensured that every little detail was perfect. At first the idea was to just have veneered doors fitted into each room but we suggested that to keep in with the modern and stylish look our circular screens may well look better, and they did!

You can see from the attached pictures just how fantastic the circular screens look. They are ideal for use in healthcare, schools, offices and various other applications.

In addition to the circular screens we also fitted a combination entrance frame too and this is shown in the pictures. A requirement of this was our door servicing; we had to ensure that the door was fully prepared for ironmongery application.

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Healthcare Centre in Preston Opens its Bespoke Doors

A private healthcare centre based in Preston has just opened its doors! Prior to the opening Bespoke Complete Services were working on the new build project manufacturing 40+ veneered doors for them.

The veneer doors were made in our own factory and no part of the manufacturing process was outsourced; it was all carried out by us!

There was a requirement for some of the doors to go through our door servicing as some required vision panels putting in place whilst other doors required ironmongery preparation.

An air transfer grill or ATG cut out was made in some of the doors which would mean that a grill could be placed on the door allowing air circulation and ventilation into the room.

This particular client wanted all the doors in Canadian Maple, a veneered door in Canadian Maple offered a clean and light feel to the rooms. This private healthcare centre would be providing patients with state of the art technologies, care and most of all highly qualified staff.

With this in mind it was important that the building and environment reflected this and a professional look was achieved and maintained at all times.


Bespoke Complete Services completed these doors to our usual high standard and they didn’t look at all out of place. We were invited to the opening of the health care project where many commented on how superb the health care centre looked.

If you are requiring a number of doors or doorsets for healthcare whether it is a hospital or like this a healthcare centre then contact us, we have great lead times and can offer to our customers various door servicing facilities.

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Veneered Doors Supplied to Rainford Sixth Form

Bespoke Complete Services have manufactured over 110 veneered doorsets for a project at Rainford St Helens. The doorsets were supplied in American White Oak Veneer.

The doors were needed for a project involving a brand new sixth form block which would hopefully be opening within the New Year.

American White Oak doorsets were supplied to the new sixth form in various applications as required. These included NFR, FD30 and FD60 as well as some acoustic doorsets which would be used for the music areas. The acoustic doorsets needed to be up to 38rw db acoustic performance.

All the doors were manufactured in our factory as well as being factory fitted with their acoustic perimeter and automatic threshold seals to achieve the desired specification required.

Perimeter seals are an essential part to an effective acoustic door seal solution. When a door is manufactured and fitted into a frame there is a natural gap created between the door leaf and frame in a doorset. The seals work by filling the air gaps that create sound leaks around the head and jambs of the doorset. This works by stopping smoke, light, dust as well as sound.

The threshold seals as part of BS 476: Part 31:1 smoke seal compliant automatic drop down seal has a light weight mechanism which is self levelling when activated. It is proven too because the seal has passed a 100,000 cycle test with ease.

All doors were pre-hung in the factory and glazed vision panels were inserted. Rainford College is the Post 16 Provision of Rainford High Technology College; the new school building will provide students with an environment to be proud of.

If you have a project which is requiring a number of doors and doorsets then you should contact us on 01254 777142 or email

Building Schools for the Future: Darwen Vale

Bespoke Complete Services were the chosen manufacturer to supply the doors and doorsets as part of the Building Schools for the Future scheme. The contractor Balfour Beatty is well known and with the project being the refurbishment and new build of Darwen Vale, Darwen they chose local produce for the local community.

For those who do not know the Building Schools for the Future programme or scheme was an idea brought in by Labour Government. Their plan was to cost around �55bn and would involve rebuilding every single secondary school in England.

The grand plan was announced in 2004 by Tony Blair and it was about inspiring children to want to learn. They wanted to initiate a change in the education system through providing inspirational buildings making them feel valued and worthwhile.

Kitting these schools out with the latest technologies and items suitable to bring the schools into the 21st century it would involve state of the art computer suits and would completely change the traditional idea of a school.

Ideas such as wi-fi hubs where children could learn rather than sitting in rows of desks were brought up and plans were made. Now some of the schools are being rebuilt and refurbished as part of this scheme and Bespoke Complete Services are lucky to be involved.

In total over 250 doorsets with various applications including NFR, FD30, FD60 and even some acoustic doorsets up to 35db were required. The doorsets are going to be manufactured with a Formica high pressure laminate face; in addition they will be hardwood lipped on all four edges.

All these doors are going to be pre-hung in the factory and some of them will feature vision panels which will also be inserted within our factory. These vision panels will then be glazed with a range of clear glass which will meet the ever demanding fire and acoustic performance criteria.

Bespoke Complete Services offered Balfour Beatty something a little bit extra. As these doors were being supplied to a school it was obvious that they would be susceptible to much wear and tear. With this in mind we actually supplied the doors fitted with door edge protectors to help keep them in better condition for longer.

If you have a large scale project or are involved with the Building Schools for the Future scheme and you require doors and doorsets in various applications then you need to come to Bespoke Complete Services. We are hoping to be involved in a lot more of the Building Schools for the Future schemes.

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How Does a Fire Door Work?

Fire doors are provided in a doorset assembly which will include the fire door, frame and other needed pieces. It can offer many safety benefits to a building.

Fire doors are designed to be kept closed at all times. However, some fire doors are designed to stay open and then close automatically if there should happen to be a fire. Whichever doorset is used, there should never be a door stop that could restrict the door’s movement.

The fire door works by helping to restrict the access of more oxygen and slows smoke from spreading further throughout the building. Fire doors greatly increase the time people have to escape and help keep the fire contained which enables firefighters and sprinklers to quench the fire more easily.

Fire doors are made with non-flammable materials, generally the outside of the door is made of metal or wood and then on the inside you will find a bespoke particleboard core and other fillers. The fire door core will have passed the industry’s rigorous fire / mechanical & acoustic test standards and be subjected to independent third party certification which is the highest form of endorsement a product can achieve.

Fire doors are often rated and tested to withstand a fire for a specified period of time. Here at bcs-l we can offer an array of fire doors, choices in respect of fire doors rating (FD30 up to FD120) which provide up to 120 minutes of protection, any finish (paint grade or veneer), variety of aperture shapes and sizes with a choice of glass type as appropriate for the application, including a variation in the bead type (flush or cloak).

If you have any questions or are interested in receiving a quote please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Veneered Fire Doors For Lancashire Hotel Holiday Homes

Recently Bespoke Complete Services were contacted by a hotel which required five fire doors following an accidental fire which spead causing damage to five of their holiday homes. The fire which broke out after a hotel guest threw a lit cigarette into a waste paper bin and then went out without realising left five of the hotel holiday homes damaged.

As part of the refurbishment of these five holiday homes there was a requirement for five fire doors which would be used for the main entrance to the rooms and then a further five veneered doors for use inside the rooms which separated the sleeping area and lounges from the bathroom. The entrance doors were chosen in White Oak and a stained glass panel added.

Originally the hotel based in Lancashire had hired another door manufacturer but they had a problem with getting the door servicing complete in the time scale which was required as they didn’t do this in house they had to send the doors to other companies for various other features to be applied such as vision panels, ironmongery preparation and other requirements.

Every part of the door manufacturing process with Bespoke Complete Services is carried out in our factory and we do not have to send our doors away for servicing or any other processes. This means that we are able to offer a number of doors for your project on time so your project is not delayed. These doors needed ironmongery preparation for items such as door numbers, handles and locks and this was done easily by one of our highly skilled joiners.

If you have a requirement for doors in a hurry; maybe you have been let down and your contract is in jeopardy? If this is you then contact Bespoke Complete Services. Our doors when finished simply speak for themselves.

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Doors and Doorsets do not just blend!

Doors! To many people doors are just something which blends into our everyday lives. However, many people actually underestimate their extreme importance; they enhance the overall aesthetics and also provide some really great functional features.

Doors provide access into buildings and rooms whilst acting as a form of security and privacy. In some cases some doors can even provide insulation so that noise from one room is prevented from entering another room. These can be in the form of acoustic doors, we currently supply a number of acoustic doors which meet a number of acoustic doorset and fire performance tests.

They incorporate the latest acoustic seal and construction techniques as well as ensuring a high level of noise is actually reduced. Whilst coping with all this they also have been made to resist fire, mechanical strength and durability and smoke containment.

As well as providing noise insulation doors actually act sometimes as a form of fire separation between various sections of buildings biding more time for anyone inside to escape in the unfortunate event of a fire.

As well as providing a number of functional features doors and doorsets also enhance the aesthetics of a building adding style. Thermal insulation is something which is important; doors help to provide thermal insulation from both the exterior as well as interior between rooms.

Doors which incorporate vision panels can act to allow light to enter into a hallway or room similar to a window. Our door servicing can be carried out in our factory saving any hassle on site. Items such as vision panels can be easily made a feature of a door through our vision panel service.

Doors and doorsets can be fitted with certain ironmongery such as hinges, handles, locks and others which can also help to make the door look visually more pleasing to the eye.

Bespoke Complete Services have a full range of doors and doorsets, our on time solutions means that if you have a requirement for a number of doors we can have them delivered direct to you on site.

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