Yet another success!

Bespoke Complete Services recently completed a contract which involved supplying a total of 35 doors and post formed IPS panels to a project at The Countess of Chester Hospital. These were for two temporary operating theatres that the hospital currently has a need for.

The hospital which, is situated on the outskirts of the City of Chester currently provides a range of medical services which cover the area of Western Cheshire and even North Wales.

The doorsets supplied where in fact from the BCS-L E-Wood range of doors. They consisted of a 3 layered particleboard core with an Alpino white laminate facing to both sides.

The doors were further edged on all 4 sides with 10mm exposed lippings in solid maple. The factory fitted glazed vision panels contained a sandblasted glass design with a 80mm diameter �peep hole� which is shown in the pictures on the right hand side of this article.

The glass was fixed in a solid maple cloak beading system in FF1 FD30 glazing material. The complimentary ironmongery included aluminum kick plates & push plates as well as pull handles and over head door closers which were once again factory fitted. Further to this FD30 fire discs were also factory fitted and recessed into the face of the door leaves in order to meet the HTM58 requirements.

The door frames were manufactured in solid hardwood (sapele) & included factory fitted  intumescent smoke seals and were fully primed with matching hardwood architraves to both faces.

Having the ironmongery factory fitted saved a lot of time and more importantly reduced the cost on site labour.This was yet another successful job carried out to the highest of standards by Bespoke Complete Services Limited.

Completion of two manufacturing jobs

Bespoke Complete Services are pleased to announce the completion of two manufacturing jobs as part of a project at a hospital in the East Midlands.

The hospital, Leicester General, is a National Health Service hospital located in Evington. We successfully supplied a number of meter cupboards; they have been manufactured in MR MDF with a  Polrey Laminate face & edgings with an incorporated dual locking mechanism. They will be fitted into the theatre wards and used to store medicines and more importantly medical equipment.

These are extremely important and have been designed for a specific purpose. The work was carried out to an extremely high standard as always with Bespoke Complete Services and supplied to to our client MTX, who undertook the fit out of the project. A brilliant job was carried out and everyone was pleased with the results that were achieved.

In addition to the cupboards that were supplied at the hospital we also manufactured a number of Laminate faced doorsets for a design & build project of a single storey 4000 sq.ft Modular Operating Theatre at the same facility. A number of variations of doorsets where supplied including singles, pairs with and without glazed vision panles, in pre-hung dorsets in both FD30 & FD60 applications.

We selected the doors from the E-wood range of door products. Then using a solid particle board construction core with a density of 620kgm3 & providing a fire performance of both FD30 (44mm core) and FD60 (54mm core) we ensured that each door was made to the highest standard.

The Polyrey Bleu Ocean Laminate FD30 doors had solid maple exposed lipping with a matching solid maple cloak glazing beads applied to the vision panels.

These vision panels were then glazed with 7mm Pyrodur FD30 rated glass in Pyroglaze 30 glazing system. This added the finishing touches to the door and once again we manufactured & supplied and then our client MTX undertook the installation & fit out.

All in all both tasks proved successful and we are proud of the high quality work we carried out and results that were achieved for Leicester General Hospital.

Christmas at Bespoke Complete Services

Bespoke Complete Services would like to advise customers of our opening times in regards to this year�s festive period so as not to cause any inconvenience to yourselves.

We will be finishing work on Tuesday 21st December 2010 at 5pm where we will all be wishing one another a Merry Christmas and hoping that Santa Claus pays us all a visit at our homes this Christmas!

We are lucky enough to have arranged our annual Christmas Party and we will be going to the Comedy Store in Manchester, taking with us every member of our treasured staff as well as 5 of our regular customers.

We will be doing this as a closure to the year of hard work that we have had and also a chance to celebrate our successes with those who we spent our time busy working with not to mention toasting this season and its festivities.

The Comedy Store, will be holding the Best of Stand Up on this particular date with names such as Jason Cook, Chris McCausland, Jason John Whitehead, Hal Cruttenden and Adam Bloom and is sure to be a good night for everyone to enjoy outside the working hours!

We therefore would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas from everyone here and an extremely Happy New Year!

We will not be re-opening Bespoke Complete Services until Wednesday 5th January 2011 at 8am. When hopefully, fingers crossed, we will have all recovered from the hustle and bustle of Christmas and be feeling fresh ready to take on what 2011 has to offer to us.

Bespoke look forward to seeing you in the New Year 2011 and to provide you with the high standard of service that we pride ourselves upon.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Customer Testimonial

MTX Contracts Ltd, a market leader in providing fast track healthcare facilities insists on using the very highest quality materials and equipment on all projects.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bespoke Complete Services Ltd who have been an integral and vital part of our supply chain for many years now, providing quality doors and furniture befitting of both the private and public healthcare facilities and to the highest standards expected.  Bespoke Complete Services Ltd are a fast acting, efficient company who provide the very best doors and furniture to exceptional standards.  Bespoke Complete Services Ltd have also assisted us on more than one occasion in achieving tight deadlines where a quick turnaround of equipment has been crucial to the overall success of the project and can only thank you for your recent hard work and efforts that went into the project at North Tyneside General Hospital, which has been a resounding success for our client.

It is also noted that as costs are always at the forefront and a driving force when looking at any project, Bespoke complete Services Ltd have almost always provided more competitive costs with shorter lead times, compared to that of other market leaders. This has been a huge contributing factor when compiling our tender submission, keeping costs down whilst maintaining a high specification.

As MTX Contracts Ltd and Bespoke Complete Services Ltd have also built up a close working relationship with the management and staff, which naturally opens up communication lines when dealing with site specific items that have the potential for misinterpretation and error, this service has been hugely advantageous to us and we can only thank Lee McMahon and all the staff at Bespoke Complete Services Ltd for their hard work and continued attention to detail.

Heatherwood Hospital

Bespoke Doorsets

Bespoke have completed the supply of a number of bespoke manufactured Laminate faced fire doors for up grading work at Heatherwood Hospital in Berkshire.

Pearl White Laminate Face doorsets

The doorsets consisted of a Pearl White Laminate face on a solid timber core. The severe duty rated doors where supplied with 10mm exposed hardwood lippings on all four edges in arrange of specifications form NFR to FD60 rated and with glazed vision panels with matching hardwood cloaking beads. The frames were made form solid steamed beech hardwood and fully finished. The project, including 21 doorsets was supplied over a 4 week period on time, to budget and complete client satisfaction.

heather__1 heatherwood_3-(page-picture)

Bespoke Complete Services are your experts in Fire Doors, Acoustic Doorsets, Veneered Doors, and Doorsets

Fire Doors provided to Holly House Vets – Leeds

BCS-l have Recently completed the supply of a number of fully factory finished American White Oak fire doors in complimentary American white oakframes & the ironmongery package for Holly House vets surgery on Leeds. The fire doors project consisted of 25 single fire doorsets and 3 pairs of doorsets to a range of specifications including non fire rated, FD30 & FD60 rated doors in fully finished American white oak frames. There were also 4#35db acoustic rated doors for the surgery / operating rooms.

The reception area consisted of a solid American white oak combination screen with a matching oak veneered door with factory fitted glazing alongside 2 purpose made solid oak frames with matching glazing panels.

Two solid American Oak screens with matching side panels were also supplied along with factory glazed vision panels.

The doorsets were all pre-hung at the factory and supplied ready to accept all the door furniture with all lock and ironmongery cut outs prepared at the factory. The concept of all the doors being prepared in the factory for the ironmongery fitted well with the contractor as it offers positive & considerable savings on-site painting, polishing and carpentry works as the products are completely ready for an efficient and speedy installation.

BCS-L are experts in all doorsets and fire doors


BCS-L Provide Doorsets to Leicester Hospital

Bespoke Complete Services LTD is currently supplying over 100 doorsets to the Leicester General hospital for a new theatre and upgrades to an existing theatre complex. The order consists of a range of doorsets from non-fire rated up to and including FD60 fire rated Fire Doors.

In addition to the Fire doors BCS-L are also supplying a large number of Lead lined X-Ray doorsets for the radio therapy rooms. This type of doorset is commonly used in hospitals in order to shield people from the harmful effects of x-rays. They are also used in dental surgeries & animal health clinics.

X-rays cause what is known as Ionizing radiation. This consists of subatomic particles or electromagnetic waves that are energetic enough to detach electrons from atoms or molecules; this is obviously harmful to your health as it disrupts the cells of the body. Medical Facilities use these as the medical benefits far outweigh the harmful effects. It Is in the best interests of all hodoorsets-2-(page-picture)spital staff to minimize their exposure. Bcs-L Manufacture a lead lined door which reduces exposure and helps to keep  the work place much safer for Doctors, Nurse and Patients. The Lead lined doors for the hospital will be specifieddoorsets-4-(library-picture) & used in X-ray rooms, CT scan rooms & radio therapy rooms.

The doorsets on this particular project are 2.25mm code 5 lead lined with tropical blue laminate faces. The vision panels are constructed with x-ray glass in hardwood lined cloaking beads.

Bcs-L are expected to Have the Project Completed By August of this year

Bespoke Complete Services , are suppliers and manufacturers of Doorsets, Fire Doors, and Acoustic Doorsets. They are a leading Joinery Manufacturer. BCS-L provides value-added Complete Door Services to customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the order, fitting and manufacture process.

Bespoke Complete Services Ltd provide Doorsets to Darwen St John Ambulance Group

Bespoke Complete Services Ltd is one of fifteen firms who have rallied round to stop Darwen’s rotting St John Ambulance station from falling down. Bespoke have provided a number of doorsets to the group for the refurbishment of the unit which was seriously dilapidated.

The St John Ambulance group which is located on George St in Darwen, Lancashire was in big trouble as they faced moving and losing members because there was no money available to pay for the much needed repairs. The wooden building was in such disarray that some feared the building could fall down at any moment. The St John Ambulance has been providing meetings and training at the venue for child and adult volunteers since 1964 and would be a huge loss for the community if no help was received.

St John Ambulance were Determined that the station should stay in Darwen, so they sent out their members to ask for help from local businesses, and have been overwhelmed by the generosity after materials worth thousands were given for free. To show their appreciation the group intends to hold an Open Day in the near future and will extend invitations to all who have contributed as special guests.

Bespoke Complete Services is a leading Joinery Manufacturer and provide value-added Complete Door Services to their customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the order, fitting and manufacture process. Bespoke are manufacturers and suppliers of Doorsets, Fire doorsand Acoustic Doorsets.

Bespoke made to measure Hardwood feature doors

Bespoke Complete Services Limited introduce made to measure bespoke hardwood feature doors. Manufactured from all types of hardwood to a full M&T construction in any size or pattern detail.

Doors can be supplied with and without glass and also a fully finished (stained or painted) version is available. Doors can be supplied with and without matching hardwood frames. The doors are manufactured with ex 5�x2� stiles and ex 8�x2� rails and have solid R&F solid hardwood matching panels.

Bespoke Doorsets

Bespoke pre-assembled performance doorsets are also available in numerous applications ranging from NFR to FD120. A range of 6 standard veneers are available from stock and up to 300+ commercial veneers are available on a short lead time.

Doorsets that offer additional protection such as face and edge protection and a flush bead system are also available. A recent project at a prestigious North West Hospital was recently supplied by Bespoke Complete Services.

The American White Oak veneered doors & screens that were supplied (in the attached portfolio) ranged from NFR to FD60 and were complimented with a number of innovative protection options, supplied factory fitted. Physical abuse and significantly high foot traffic and constant wear and tear caused by trolley buffeting means that extra protection to enhance life expectancy of the doorset is essential.

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Veneered Doors and Doorsets available from Bespoke Complete Services Limited

Veneered doors and doorsets are available from Bespoke Complete Services in the form of the Bespoke ‘EWOOD’ fire door. These products are available, from stock, in a range of six high quality crown cut veneers with a semi-matt lacquer finish to both faces and all edges.

The door offers an unbeatable package of high quality & natural looks with a competitive price, and is perfect for any private, public or commercial development. It is manufactured with traditional craftsmanship using modern technology & with 6mm solid matching hardwood lipping to all edges concealed beneath the veneer face.


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Bespoke Complete Service Limited take great pride in the work they produce and can create bespoke joinery from Bespoke Staircases toEmergency Exit Doorsets

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